Dr. Sian and Dr. Eyenstein started the FOR YOUR EYES ONLY video blog series in 2013. Just like the written blogs, these short videos cover a variety of eye-related topics from eye twitches, to nearsightedness, to carrots (are they really good for your eyes??). Have a LOOK SEE!

World War 2 changed history for most of the modern world. But how did it affect our eyes? And... apparently Dr. Eyenstein has a British accent... 

In the premiere episode of FOR YOUR EYES ONLY, we discuss nearsightedness (myopia)... What causes it, who gets it, and what can we do about it? Its all here! 

The 5 most common causes for eye twitches and how to fix them!

Have you ever noticed little spots or lines floating around in your vision? Ever wondered what they are and where they come from? 

In this episode of FYEO, Dr. S and Dr. E talk about the second most common reason for floaters... Posterior vitreous detachments (PVD). Contact us: 

In the final episode of the Floaters Trilogy, we discuss retinal detachments... and Dr. Eyenstein's beard. 

In this episode, Dr. S and Dr. E discuss another cause of blurry vision. What is this enigma known as Astigmatism? 

Dr. S and Dr. E answer the age old question... Are carrots good for your eyes? The answer may not be as simple as you were expecting...